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The LIDO : The new show « Paris Merveilles » : a spectacular creation by Franc Dragone. They new Lido revue impresses with the means and talent that have been put into it. Designed and produced by Franco Dragone, an international figure in live shows, this super production dazzles with its sumptuous costumes, amazing visual effects and the creativity of the scenes. This trip into the heart of Paris alternates between technological prowess, moment s of pure poetry and extraordinary numbers: contortionists, hip hop dancers… And let’s not forget the revamped French Cancan, a whirlwind of pink feathers. All to the sounds of a unique musical score, performed live every night by a revue singer with a unique voice and two live musicians.
The creator and producer, Franco Dragone, accompanied by his team, has traveled the world looking for the best talent in international shows.
No less than 11 prestigious designers, side by side with the Lido’s team, have imagined this unique production.
The famous troupe created in 1932 by Margareth Kelly, has ignited the stage of the Lido every night since 1948. The quick choreography led by the famous Bluebell Girls and Lido Boys is carried out at a dizzying pace. The extravagant hats and majestic costumes are decorated with the most beautiful feathers and sparkle brightly for everyone’s viewing pleasure.
The LIDO : A unique tribute to the elegance and the treasures of Paris
The Lido dancers embody the Parisian dream perfectly, famous all over the world for its sensual and sophisticated image.
In the latest Lido show, the exceptional machinery brings the sets to life in the most breathtaking way. It’s an entire city that transforms before your very eyes, overturning the boundaries of time and space. A fantastic escape where the emblems of the French capital are scattered among every scene.




In 1946, Joseph and Louis Clerico took over a venue that had been very fashionable in the 1920s, with a décor inspired by Venice an dits celebrated Lido beach. They transformed it from top to bottom to create a one-of-a-kind cabaret. With the collaboration of Pierre-Louis Guérin, then René Fraday and Miss Bluebell, the Lido invented the dinner show format that soon set the standard for nightclub entertainment. Many more glitteringly successful revues followed, cash more spectacular than its predecessor. And for each one, the world’s most glamorous avenue was the scene of a star-studded opening night, attended by the cream of international high society.
This uninterrupted string of successes led the Lido to move to bigger premises in 1977. Staying on the Champs-Elysées, where 75 000 square meters allow to create a panoramic room.


The new Lido opened in March 1977. To ensure perfect visibility for everyone in the audience, the 1,150-seat panoramic theater has been designed without columns. A single, 45-meter-long prestressed concrete beam provides the necessary load-bearing support.
A giant elevator allows the orchestra section, where 300 guests dine, to sink 80 centimeters into the floor to further improve visibility.


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116 bis, avenue des Champs Elysées
75008 PARIS 8


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