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Crazy Horse
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With the Crazy Horse, it is a piece of legend that is brought for you… A legend that was created in 1951 by Alain Bernardin who was dreaming of a temple dedicated to the art of nude. He has won his bet, his sense of show has grown stronger along with his experiences of visual and audiovisual techniques of his time. What he offers you today is an exceptional show in fourteen tableaux, where the woman represents modern beauty. On the eternal theme of feminity, Désirs is a succession of new dazzling tableaux, surprising, glamourous and daring. "Whispers", "Upside Down", "Infrared"... The new creations mix modernity and beauty in an absolute fashion: lights "made in Crazy", surprising special effects, precious and elegant costumes, new musical rhythms... Désirs will take over like an unforgettable dream... In this show, nude is rich and grand like true art… The Crazy Horse really has a place in the show world, and the memory it will leave you with is exceptional!


Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse


When Alain Bernardin, a cultivated man with the fascination for show business and the United States, opened the Crazy Horse in the basement of a prestigious building on Avenue Georges V in 1951, he drew his main inspiration from American-style striptease.
As a wind of change swept through society during the Sixties, the Crazy Horse moved with the times. The influence of New Wave cinema, Neo-Realism, Pop Art, and the « Nouveau Roman » soon began to be felt on the club’s creations. Each number became an individual show, with its own choreography, set and lighting. New style of music and fashion were transferred to the stage as the cabaret followed the major trends of the day. Each dancer also adopted an evocative stage name, such as Loulou de Santiago, Candy Capitol, Vanilla Banana, Melba Parachute and of course Lova Moor …
Having found the key to its success, the Crazy Horse went on to become a legend, attracting a loyal clientele from Paris and round the world, delighted to discover new styles and to experience the magic for themselves!
To celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2001, the Crazy Horse announced that it was opening a second Crazy Horse in its “natural home” – Las Vegas. An instant success, the show has gone on to attract bigger and bigger audiences. Based in its success in the US, the Crazy Horse set out to conquer Asia in 2005, opening a new establishment in Singapore.


The erotic tableaux are mixed with more traditional cabaret shows, magicians, ventriloquists… Those shows are always made by men : apart from the dancers, no woman is allowed on stage.
Lova Moor : when dancing in a club, a Crazy Horse choreographer discovers her and invites her for a try-out. She is hired by Alain Bernardin, and he gives her a kitschy stage name, according to tradition, making her start her career as a nude dancer. She will quickly become famous at Crazy Horse, leading the revue. She marries her 69 year old employer in 1985. He later commits suicide in 1994.


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12 Avenue George V
75008 PARIS 8


Crazy Horse - Crazy Show 19h (Sunday to thursday)