Ideal Cabaret TERMS OF SALE of the site

This website belongs to the company Idéal Gourmet, 53 rue Raspail, 92300 LEVALLOIS-PERRET.
Article 1 : Terms of sale application and opposability

The customer is always informed of the present terms of sale when ordering. This means that by ordering, the customer fully and completely agrees with the terms of sale. Other documents issued by ideal gourmet (ads or catalogues) do not apply and have only an indicative value. Any other condition presented by the customer cannot be binding for ideal gourmet – except when expressly agreed - whatever the moment of its presentation.
The fact that ideal gourmet does not claim one or more of these conditions at a given moment does not mean that ideal gourmet gives up on these same conditions. Ideal gourmet can claim these conditions at any point in the future.

Article 2 : Price

Our prices include all taxes, VAT included. Payment is always in euros. The public price we sometimes show is only an indication. That price is never binding for ideal gourmet and it can differ from the price the client will see upon arrival in the establishment, for example if the establishment has a special offer at the time.
Prices found on are valid when put online and are normally valid for the season in question. If the client's request goes beyond the period in question, a review of the prices could be necessary. Ideal gourmet will adjust the prices, the adjustment in non-negotiable. We also have the right to change our prices without forewarning, if the exchange rates vary, if the service provider changes its prices, or if the customs taxation is modified.

Article 3 : Payment

In order for the booking to be confirmed, the client has to give his credit card number on our website, at « Paiement CIC ». If the booking is made in advance (more than 15 days), the client has a possibility to pay by bank transfer. Upon reception of the payment, whatever its form, ideal gourmet will check availability of the establishment and charge the credit card. Ideal gourmet then sends a voucher by fax or e-mail to the client. No unconfirmed booking will be charged. If anything on top of the original order is ordered, those items will have to be paid directly to the restaurant. Ideal gourmet can in no way be held liable for those extras. Ideal gourmet wishes to inform you that most cabarets have compulsory coat rooms that cost around 2€. That fee will have to be paid on the spot and is not included in the service offered by

Article 4 : Orders

The information given by the customer upon ordering is binding: if there is a misspelling in the Beneficiary’s address or in the address for the addressee of the Voucher, ideal gourmet cannot be held responsible for not being able to send the Invitation or Voucher to the right person or the right address.
Orders are considered firm only upon confirmation by payment of the amount due and after that amount has been cashed by ideal gourmet. Any firm order implies the customer's free and automatic registration to the ideal gourmet club.
After the Invitation or Voucher has been sent to the customer, no cancellation can be accepted, the amount paid cannot be reimbursed.
Any change of restaurant or price range requested by the Beneficiary or the Customer will cost 10 euros (administrative charge).
ideal gourmet offers are subject to availability of tables at the chosen restaurant and reserved dates for the partner restaurant in question excluded (Valentine's day, Mother's Day, New Year's Eve...).
If a member restaurant is not available anymore, it is automatically removed from the catalogue of online restaurants.
If there is a major problem with the restaurant chosen by the customer, ideal gourmet will contact the customer. They will choose another restaurant together, presenting similar characteristics to the one ordered by the customer in the first place.

Article 5 : Sending the Invitation / Voucher

The voucher is sent by e-mail or fax, immediately upon reception of payment for the order (within 24h). This 24h period can be prolonged if the payment necessitates checking. If the voucher is sent late, it can in no way mean any reimbursement or discount.
The postal address is compulsory because we sometimes send our vouchers by ordinary mail.
You will have to present those documents if there is a check, more particularly at the moment for your event, otherwise you will not be able to benefit from the services in question.

Article 6 : Change or cancellation because of the provider

Iideal gourmet will do its utmost for the event to unfold in the best of ways, but we cannot be held responsible for some specific cases, force majeure or event caused by third parties (strikes for instance).
Even in those last cases, ideal gourmet will do its utmost to overcome the difficulties.
Furthermore, ideal gourmet should not be mixed up with its service providers. They have their own sales conditions and responsibilities towards clients, respecting their rules, national legislation or international conventions that could stipulate certain responsibility limits. We cannot be held liable in case a provider cancels or changes the nature of its service for technical reasons. We are in no way responsible if a provider is not able to provide his ideal gourmet service because of force majeure.
This type of problem usually triggers some sort of reimbursement, albeit not binding. Ideal gourmet clients accept that ideal gourmet is not responsible in case there is a breach of French or European legislation, and clients will respect service providers' internal rules.

Article 7 : Change or cancellation because of the client

General case, cancellation:
In case of cancellation, you should inform us by registered letter. Reception date for the letter corresponds to the cancellation date. Between the date for booking and 30 days before the event, 30 euros per person will be kept to cover administrative fees. Less than 29 days away from the event, 50% of the total amount is due and will be kept. Less than 15 days away from the event, the total amount is due and the client will not be able to claim any reimbursement. In case of no show, no refund will be possible. The amount kept by ideal gourmet will in no case be transferable to another later event.
General case, modification:
Any modification can be accepted subject to availability of the establishment. A flat rate of 15 euros per person will be charged, along with any costs incurred by the change itself. If you have any special wishes, please fill in the part of the form provided for comments. Ideal gourmet cannot guarantee that those extra services will be provided. A booking cannot be cancelled or modified for that reason. Any modification less than 15 days away from event will be considered as a cancellation.
Cancellation and modification for specific dates (Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, bank holidays, July 14th...):
Any modification or cancellation less than 30 days before the event means that the total amount is due. No reimbursement can be made.

Article 8 : Complaints

Complaints must reach our services by registered letter eight days after the event at the latest and at the following address: ideal gourmet, 53 rue Raspail, 92300 LEVALLOIS-PERRET, France.
Responsibility limitation: ideal gourmet cannot be held liable for losses, damage or conflict following the use of this website. Ideal gourmet cannot be held liable for incidents of any nature arising during the event. The same thing is true for a cancellation out of ideal gourmet's control. No solidarity or responsibility can be held by ideal gourmet for personal expenses not in the contract, for late arrivals...

Article 9 : Miscellaneous

The contract between ideal gourmet and the client goes under French legislation. The competent court is that of Paris. All documents, texts and photos on the website are ideal gourmet's property, all copying is punishable by law.

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