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Prestige Lunch Menu - Vitotel Cabaret

Welcome starts from 11.30 am

Beginning of the show : 1.30 pm

End of the show : 3.30 pm

Length : 4h
75.00 €
TTC per person
Welcome drink and cup jar with 1 and 4 hot ovens.

Gourmet platter consists of:
Foie gras brioche his house
Smoked salmon on blinis
Range of smoked duck breast
Skewer St. Jacques and cherry tomato
Decorated with a dash of balsamic reduction
Fresh physalis and a bunk orange, kiwi, black grapes.

Main Dish
Guinea fowl stuffed with 2 apples (sweet potato and apple fruit)
Pommel sauce accompanied by gratin and sautéed maraichère

Salad plate and two cheeses (Camembert and bridge the bishop)

Trio of desserts consisting of:
raspberry dacquoise
Crunchy milk chocolate and dark chocolate truffles and white puck
Rock coconut macaroon
Berry coulis and custard
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